Take your dog to the great outdoors!

(Guest post by Aurora James of dogetiquette.info)

There aren’t many vacations where you can take your pooch with you. Camping is the exception. You would love to have your best friend with you, right? He would love it, too.

If you want to take him, you should do a little advance planning for his safety.

How do I locate dog-friendly campsites?

What are the potential camping-related dangers for my dog?


What packing checklist should I follow?

What should I put in my dog’s first aid kit?

Is a collar or harness best for my dog during our camping trip?

Now that you know how to do it safely, start planning that trip! Your dog will love hiking, climbing and swimming with you wherever you go. At the end of the day, toast him a marshmallow to share with him by the campfire, then curl up with him in your tent. You’ll make lasting memories with him.

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