roxanne at jellystone

Roxanne is our 2015 Winnebago Travato 59G. She’s a Class B motorhome, an RV or a camper van.

I first got the idea of an RV-based, traveling early retirement from the Can I Retire Yet? blog. We decided we’d probably sell the house when XY went to college, buy a cheaper condo, and use the proceeds plus our savings to buy the RV and travel around.

But plans have a way of changing, and we realized we’ve got a grade-schooler who loves to travel and won’t be small forever. So we bought an RV in May, 2016.

How do you chase minimalism in a 4-ton vehicle that gets a third of the gas mileage of your old Prius? Can a bright red, 9-foot-tall anything be minimalist? We’re trying to find out.

A Class B is the smallest kind of motorhome, a tiny house on wheels. It has everything we need inside for a day trip or a week-long jaunt across the Midwest. It makes more efficient use of every drop of water and every amp of electricity than any house. It saves us the packing, unpacking and hauling of staying in a different place every couple of nights. And it eliminates the environmental impact of washing multiple sets of sheets and towels for a short hotel stay.