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Hello everyone!

Welcome to I Am Hopeful. This blog is a little side project about how to keep the trains of life on track. If you’re interested in ways to save time and money, stay healthy and get organized, you’re in the right place.

Why me? I’m the guy who always gets the dishes done before leaving the house, stays on top of the laundry and has a rundown on how the family expenses compare to the budget a few days after the end of the month. The guy who doesn’t run out of toilet paper and never misses a flight. (Well, almost never.) The guy who stays pretty close to Inbox Zero and usually sends a thank-you note. The guy who’s been vegan for 14 years and has run two marathons and many shorter races. The guy who looks at the idea of retiring early and traveling around in an RV, and says “I want that!” It might be overachieving, it might be OCD, but I call it pushing aside the extraneous to focus on what’s really important in life.

That’s what I Am Hopeful is all about.

It will feature my original work, occasional guest posts from people I know well and the lists of links we all know and love. Right now, I’m aiming for a post each week.

While this is a new blog, it’s a bit of a return to form for me. I guess you could say I started early. Back when connecting online meant dialing your computer into someone else’s over a phone line, I ran a Wildcat! bulletin board system on a 2400-baud modem and a rickety 386 clone that I built myself. Years later, when the awkward middle-schooler had grown into a cocky (still somewhat awkward) twentysomething, I was a TV reporter. I served on the board of the Illinois News Broadcasters Association and kept up the group’s website, but I built my own on the side to test my skills. I had a blog before there was Blogger.

Nearly two decades later, I don’t write as much as I used to, and there are thoughts and stories inside that want to come out. I’ve also been inspired by some great digital minds and wanted to add my voice to the chorus.

When everything is public and searchable, it’s very easy to overstep boundaries of privacy at home and at work. I’ve made several mistakes along those lines earlier in life, and won’t be doing that here. This isn’t a blog about my family relationships or my job.

It’s been about a decade since I’ve had anything to do with web design and a good seven years since I’ve set up a blog, so I’m still getting used to the bells and whistles of WordPress. I appreciate your suggestions and your patience, and thank you for reading and sharing!

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